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See the potential in Short Sales?

We will make it happen for you.
At Short Sale Liaison, we do all the short sale work for you:

  • Negotiating with the lender
  • Processing the paperwork
  • Keeping you tightly in the loop every step of the way

In other words, we do all the back end work so you can do what you do best: sell!

Pioneers in the short sale process since 2008, we’ve provided real estate brokers like you with the expertise to position themselves as short sale experts, while we handle the back end -- efficiently and transparently.

Check out the top ten reasons why you should hire us and take the credit.

Short Sale:  Five Phases
Every bank has the right to set policies, rules, and procedures, as long as they stay within government guidelines.  In general, however, here are the phases common to most short sales.

Phase One: Information Gathering
This is the only phase where you, the homeowner, need to participate – at Short Sale Liaison, we manage everything else.

You collect the required documents requested by the bank or other lien holders and submit them, along with the purchase offer.  This stage ends when all the documents have been submitted and received by your lien holders.

Phase Two: Assignment

Once all the documents have been submitted, the bank assigns your file to a negotiator.  At this point, we contact that person – the person who will actually work on your file. Though this can take days or weeks depending on the lender, it gives us a point of contact with someone who can give us timely answers throughout the short sale process.

Phase Three: Valuation
The bank, assisted by your broker, determines the price or payoff they want for the sale of your home.  At this point, you have the opportunity to accept it, reject it, or make a counter-offer.

Phase Four: Negotiation
If the bank accepts your offer, you skip this step and go directly to the approval phase.  If not,  we will work with your broker, buyer, and buyer’s agent to generate the best and highest offer,  and then we will negotiate with the bank to encourage them to accept that offer.

Phase Five: Approval and Closing
Once the bank has accepted the price and terms of the offer, has issued an approval letter, and all other lenders and lien holders have also agreed, you can close on the property. The approval letter will be dated, and you will have a certain window of time during which the closing must take place. 
For details on how we can help you through the short sale process with a minimum of stress, contact us.

(Documents from Fannie Mae)

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