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Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes. But we’re willing to bet that the words of our clients speak loudly indeed.

>About Those Upside Down Mortgages …

“I’m a widower who bought a house I really couldn’t afford and, sure enough, it got to the point where I couldn’t cover the mortgage payments. Not only was the house worth less than I paid for it, there was no way I could sell it and pay off the huge mortgage.

First I went to see an attorney and tried for a loan modification, but we couldn’t get the bank to agree to it. The attorney did suggest I talk with Michael Garrity at ShortSaleLiaison and explore the possibility of selling the home as a short sale.

Michael worked with me, made the process seem easy, and made sure I had time to find a new place to live. And he really took over when I broke my ankle halfway through the process. (When it rains ....).

Anyway, I’d recommend Michael to anyone. They say short sales are tricky and complex, but with Michael and his ShortSaleLiaison firm involved, it was a piece of cake – for me, anyway.”

Paul F., Duxbury, MA


“Saying thank you doesn't even come close to our gratitude towards Mike and his staff.
My husband and I fell on tough times during this ugly recession, and were unable to keep up with our house payment. We feared we would lose everything, and be in foreclosure and in debt for life.
A friend referred us to Michael Garrity, as someone which could help us find an alternate solution to foreclosure. Mike and his staff recommended a Short Sale.
At first we were concerned about the repercussions, but after all was said and done, at closing, we wound up owing absolutely nothing.
The whole process took about eight months. With Mike's stead fast approach, true dedication to our needs, Mike backed up his every word with results! If you are in this same situation, Mike and his staff are there for you. Keep the faith! “

Donna C., Bridgewater, MA


“This was a very stressful time for me, but it was truly a pleasure and relief to have worked with Michael and Tony on my short sale case.

They were so helpful, understanding, and patiently answered my one million questions -- in detail and in English and Spanish!

.I really like that they try to find the best possible solution to every little concern I had along the way.

Thank you so much for your efforts, it really meant the world to me!! My sincere gratitude to you guys!! 

Geraldine B, Boston, MA


“I doubt my situation was all that unusual, but it was extremely traumatic.

 After my father passed away, my mother could not keep up the payments on the family home, and prospects looked dim.

Fortunately, we were able to avoid foreclosure with a short sale handled by Michael Garrity at Short Sale Liaison. Highly recommended!”

Rob G, Stoughton, MA


About ShortSaleLiaison …

But what we really give you is peace of mind and the chance to either keep your home or leave with grace and dignity.

Contact us to find out whether a short sale or loan modification might reduce your stress and give you a fresh start.

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